Alchemy Color Lab


Black Label Branding Bundle: Branding & Website

Business: Boutique Hair Salon in Royal Oak Michigan.

Owner: Nick Moore-Perez. Founder and Master Stylist

Specialty: Master Hair Artistry. Providing the highest quality hair experience.

Alchemy Color Lab Branding, Hair Salon, Royal Oak Michigan.

Mood Board

Alchemy Color Lab Mood Board

Art Direction

What would your branding look like?

Balanced masculinity and femininity. Depth, wood, light taupe, white, onyx, gold, greenery, plush, velvet, metallic, luxury, handcrafted.

What would it sound like?

Eclectic music. We play everything from Motown to Beyoncé to  Odesza. The music is determined by the vibe in the salon at the time. Morning time it’s usually calmer music. Mid day busy, we amp it up to fit the atmosphere. 

What would it smell like and feel like?

Smell: October, Sandalwood, Eucalyptus, Musk

Feel: Crisp and cool like fall. Inviting like a sunny day. Touchable. Organic.

What would it be wearing, How does it act, Where would it hang out on the weekends:

Layered clothing. Fall fashion is very inspiring. Confident but humble, empathetic,  adventurous, forward thinking. Loves to travel, experience new things, (whether it be a rooftop bar or a mountain)! Craft cocktails bars, all sorts of restaurants. 

Brand Board

Alchemy Color Lab Brand Board by Branding Addicts

Storefront Mock-up:

Old Branding

Alchemy Color Lab Old Logo

Throw-away Concept:

Full Website Website Design

Hosting Platform: Wix

Where we started. Homepage Design Round #1

Design Details: Custom hand illustrated gold florals.

Where we ended. Home page design Final Round:

When ending all of my Brand Discovery Sessions, I ask the Boss one last question:

How do you want your audience to feel after engaging with your brand?

Above all, Alchemy Color Lab wants their audience and clients to feel --- inspired, excited, and thrilled after interacting with their brand.

After meeting with Nick personally at coffee shops for our progress updates, I cannot speak more highly of him. His passion, determination, and grit to supersede client expectations is nothing short of inspiring. Throw in his talent and knowledge for his craft and he becomes a fierce salon leader and in my opinion, a business to look out for this year. Now having a new brand identity, he is well on his way to dominating the industry.

I hope you enjoyed this behind the scenes peek at the re-brand of Alchemy Color Lab! We are still working on full website design and I will be sure to share that as well as soon as it is perfected!

Never forget that your Brand's power is a direct reflection of the experience you create.


Laine Napoli

The Brand Gal

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