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Society Chiropractic

Updated: Feb 7, 2020


Business to Brand Bundle

Mood Board

Art Direction

What would your branding look like?

The culture we aim to create is an "earthy or woodsy coffee shop" feel.

Wood, greenery, dark grey cement, hexagon tile (marble or matte black), exposed brick, brown leather, gold accents and clean lines will be incorporated into our office space.

We want to have an intimate healing environment while simultaneously breaking the mold of a typical doctors office.

What would it sound like?

It would sound like the deep ambient noise that exists in nature. Something that fills the silence but doesn't have an exact quality as to allow your mind to rest. Like a running stream that’s just out of sight.

What would it smell like and feel like?

It would smell like fresh leather, sandalwood, and essential oils. It would feel open, clean, and crisp. We want to offer each practice member a craft chiropractic experience. In that spirit we want our brand to have an artisan feel.

What would it be wearing, How does it act, Where would it hang out on the weekends:

Masculine: it would be wearing a long sleeve flannel shirt with jeans, lace up leather boots, a nice watch (leather strap, gold body with a black face), with a well groomed beard.

Feminine: A simple oversized light colored sweater, black leggings, leather booties with accenting gold or leather jewelry. It would act confident, gentle, and wise.

It would hang out with family at home or in the park. It would go on family outings to coffee shops and farmers markets.

Brand Board

When ending all of my Brand Discovery Sessions, I ask the Boss one last question:

How do you want your audience to feel after engaging with your brand?

"We want people to feel encouraged and hopeful when they encounter our brand. We know that when you change someone's health, you change their whole life and we want the grandeur of that to be evident."

So Boss, I hope you enjoyed these details of Society Chiropractic. This husband and wife team is the definition of #goals! They are going to achieve amazing things while bringing a necessary, positive, and heart fueled change to their industry.

Make sure you brand has a foundation, values, and a story so that it stands the test of time.


Laine Napoli

The Brand Gal

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