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Time to FIX that Social Strategy

If you feel overwhelmed, burnt out and stuck in your social media marketing efforts, you are not alone! So many bosses are struggling to keep up with the social media race of vanity metrics. Although 14k looks like a pretty number, if those followers are not actively engaged, they could be causing more harm than good.

This year I am launching a service to help change that.

Here at Branding Addicts, we take a holistic approach in regards to our social media marketing strategy. We don’t just focus on follower counts and likes, instead we prioritize depth, value, quality, personality, and relationships! With our signature process, you can rest assured that your social identity will be in the best hands. Let us help fix you up and get your feeds ready to convert those followers into loyal and engaging fans!

Strategy. personality. consistency.


With our multidimensional approach to social media marketing, we primarily focus on managing Instagram content and in turn, recycle that content onto the following platforms for maximum organic marketing reach: Pinterest & Google My Business. With a little skill, creativity, and consistency, our strategy yields great results.

Why these specific platforms?

We have grown a reach of 20 million impressions and 10k+ followers on our Pinterest account and will strategically utilize this following to help bring traffic to your business accounts. This is just one small glimpse into my funnel marketing technique that will drive far more than vanity metrics. It will drive quality leads and organic marketing results!

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 "Laine helped me with my social media account and provided a layout that was endless & fit my desired look. I went from 1,000 to now almost 2K following her technique and the hashtag she provided me.

Although it was a short instagram branding the information she shared with her vision of what I wanted to represent, showed within my followers and because I continued her flow and advice. She's so great and sweet and is passionate at what she does!" - Brian and Cherelle Posadas

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