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Cheers to 3 Years | Traverse City Michigan Celebration

Updated: Dec 12, 2019

Where to even begin! Last weekend my hubby Lenny and I took our 3 year mini anniversary vacation into the beautiful landscape of Northern Michigan. We were a bit bummed that the weather was forecasted to be cold and rainy, but that did not stop us crazy kids from lot's of winery trips and fall adventures! Since this was a wonderful way to celebrate 3 years of marriage together, I thought that it was only fair that I throw it back in this blog post to how Lenny and I first met. Keep reading below to learn all about our high speed meeting and the divine appointment God had in store for these two crazy kids --

Because it was windy, rainy, and a high of 50... I grabbed this adorable beanie HERE at Glicks Boutique.

Our little love story begin back in 2010 when I first graduated high school at East Detroit High. My twin sister Leah and I were adrenaline rush junkies at the time and could be found racing our little white Grand Am at 10pm on school nights. The main street all car nerds would meet up at to cruise was called Gratiot. Well, on this particular race night, my sister and I pulled up to a stop light on Gratiot as a lifted white truck with two boys rolled down their window next to us. One handsome boy leaned out the window and said "YOU have the most beautiful eyes" to my sister and I and proceeded to rev their engines at us. It was race time!!! So in our little Grand Am, my sister and I giggling along at these two cuties, we took off up to a whopping 45 mph (the speed limit lol) and beat their supped up truck! Maybe they "let us win" (who really know hehe) but at the next stop light Lenny asked if we could exchange numbers. This was a first ever for me and rather than giving out my number to a complete stranger, I asked for his instead. So we took off again and legit did a number exchange on the back of a receipt at 15-20mph (such dare devils)! After we split ways, I was giddy at the thought of these mysterious boys and knew I had to learn more about who they were.

Later that night I took out the infamous crumpled up receipt and entered the number of Lenny Napoli in my old flip cellphone. I was so nervous but knew I had to shoot him a text. After about 20 minutes of texting, Lenny politely asked if it was alright to speak on the phone. I happily and excitingly accepted his call.

After 4 hours of speaking through the night on the phone, learning all about each other, the rest is history! After neither of us was wanting to get off of the phone call, Lenny asked me if I would like to join him for a movie date filled with popcorn, candy, and mountain dew.... I said yes.

Isn't it crazy how a seemingly random coincidence can lead up to a major life change?

We both believe that God had a divine purpose to bring us both together that night. We may not be able to see his plan, but Lenny and I are both convinced that he is the ultimate craftsman. You see...he created to imperfect souls that would work perfectly together.

In April of 2014 came a beautiful proposal. And in October 10th, 2015 were became husband and wife. A moment that will be cherished for all of my life. The day where I got to marry my best friend.

Fast forward to October of 2018 - reaching 8 years of being together has been life's greatest adventure. (cue sappy tears falling onto my keyboard!!!!)

Outfit Deets:

Beanie - Glick Boutique Traverse City

Beige Knit Sweatshirt - H&M

High wasted Jeans - Refuge Charlotte Russe

Ankle Booties - Also Charlotte Russe

Throughout each passing year, I swear our love grows stronger. Through good times and bad, we go through seasons and come out stronger together. Not on our own, but with God at our center. It was the vow we made on our wedding day and will remain true until the end.

Though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves. A cord of three strands is not quickly broken. - Ecclesiastes 4:12

Freezing our booties off on top of Chateau Chantel Winery (one of our favorites!)

You can grab this comfy taupe winter coat at H&M.

Through the wind, the rain, and the cold weather, we still had the best time. The scenery was breathtaking and this adventure in particular left us feeling freed and inspired. We made our way into the winery and delighted in some of our favorite blends.

I can normally be found enjoying a nice dry Cabernet but this time I was craving a nice and oaky Chardonnay. Lenny enjoys more of the semi sweet wines. He tried a unique blend of a Cherry Ginger Riesling.

As our adventure started to come to an end, we made one last visit to my absolute favorite coffee shop that is right across the street from our main squeeze hotel: Hotel Indigo Traverse City.

This coffee shop is called BLK MRKT and is all around amazing! From the decor to the "F*CK YEAH pumpkin spice latte (Interesting choice for the name lol but it's our fave during the fall season) every detail is sure to leave a lasting impression.

To wrap up this experience I want to list a few of our favorite must visit spots below:

Brunch - Sandwiches - Coffee - Hard Cider

Appetizers - Live Music - Hard Ciders - Wine - Cocktails - Cozy Atmosphere

Best Coffee - Latte Art - Minimal Hipster Vibes

The best hotel ever. Grab the Bay View room and don't forget to visit their roof top lounge!

A sweet sappy message to my Babah:

Thank you for the best memories. Only you wake up supper early and make me coffee every single day. You are my goofball, my love, my carl (inside joke), and my Lenny. Happy 3 year anniversary My Love. Cheers to many, many more.

Love - Your Wifey

Laine Napoli

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