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Clean and Bright Kitchen Renovation | Farmhouse Style

“The Chip and Joanna of Macomb County” is what we have been called by family and friends 😂 It feels like years ago when we started this home renovation project. I almost forgot we took all these before and after pictures! Once we bought this house, we were beyond excited to make it our own and customize every inch of it.

The best part is that Lenny and I make the BEST team when it comes to taking an idea and making it a reality. My passion, career, and hobby as a designer allows me to visual a space and dream up practical ideas to make that transformation actually happen .

my handy husband Lenny on the other hand, has all of the necessary skill sets to actually take my visions and transform them into a beautiful reality.

Today I am going to share with y’all the brief process of what our kitchen transformation looked like.

Here are some progression pics in order from start to finish!

The kitchen design once we purchased our home in 2014.

The start of demo! Removing cabinet hardware and doors for painting.

Tile demo (what a fun process lol!) yes, it may come as a shock but I love to get my hands dirty when I can! I also am quite handy when it comes to demo day!

Once we got started on this tile we realized how much of a pain it was becoming. So thankful to have some family reinforcements come and help us get the job done!

Once the tile was demolished and the cabinets were painted, it was time to lay the new flooring throughout this house. This style we purchased from Lowe’s and have received so many compliments on it!

Once the floor went in, then came the finishing touches, the tile, backsplash, and final decor / appliances. An absolute NEED for me was to have wood open shelving on one of the walls. I’ve always been a fan of the open shelving look and Lenny made it happen with some old barn wood we had in the garage.

This was no fast process from A-Z but we got it done and it was very affordable. Are you looking for a kitchen facelift? I am no interior designer by any means but I would love to hear your vision and throw around some ideas! Comment below and tell me what type of decor style has your heart.


Laine Napoli

The Napoli Nest

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