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Coffee, Cabernet, & Chocolate. ☕️🍷🍫

Updated: Dec 12, 2019

The 3 C’s that will forever remain my weakness! Not only do I consume these foods weekly, but I realized that they were starting to take a toll on my teeth. Learn how I discovered a natural and healthy way to not only fight against these pesky food stains, but help to restore your pearly white smile back into its prime!

It all happened late one night while I was watching my guilty pleasure, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

I was sipping on a little glass of vino, my hand deep into a bucket of popcorn, when a commercial popped on. I ignored it at first, mainly because I was in the black hole scroll on Instagram, but for some reason I looked up and locked onto the TV. There were two girls standing in a mirror and one was looking at her teeth. She held up a tissue to her mouth while her friend preceded to comment on this “tissue test”. I can’t even remember what product it was selling (maybe collegiate?!) all I could think about was how I never would have thought to compare the color of my teeth to a piece of Kleenex. 😂

Needless to say this thought came rushing to my mind and left just as quickly. Back to instagram I went, scrolling through some of my most influential and inspiring feeds.

Then, mid scroll it hit me... I totally am going to try this tissue test! Maybe this commercial sounds familiar to you? Well my friends, in the bathroom that night just after brushing my teeth, it went down. I held up a tissue and couldn’t believe how yellow my teeth appeared. I was sooo bummed! Shocked, depressed, and a little embarrassed to be honest. How did I just let my teeth go? How do I bring my old smile back?

This lead me to research other ways on how to bring my pearly whites back to life. So I hopped on Google (of course) and began to research. Not only was I on a mission to whiten, I wanted to find a way that was more natural. A way that would help my teeth opposed to hurting them.

So I stumbled across the following remedies:

  • Crest white strips (strips enamel)

  • Professional whitening at the dentist (friggin expensive)

  • DIY home remedies: lemon, baking soda, etc. (overwhelming)

But none of these avenues sold me. I began to feel discouraged in this pursuit for pearlies. I gave up for a little bit and ignored my problem, until I received a special little DM on Instagram. It was from a company called Smile Brilliant and go figure, they specialized in professional at home teeth whitening.

After researching the company, I decided to partner with them to test out their products.

The Results

Teeth Whitening Reviews

The following photos from left to right are Before Treatment, During Treatment, and After Treatment.

The Pros: an affordable approach to professional grade, at home teeth whitening. After receiving my starter kit I was skeptical and nervous regarding the issue of sensitive teeth. After my first couple treatments I did experience sensitivity and used the desensitizing gel included to help ease the pain.

At Home Teeth Whitening: Does it Work?

As you can see from the images above, from left to right, I had slowly achieved a shade or two lighter in comparison to my before photo.

My honest opinion of this product is that it is a fabulous and healthy way to achieve those pearly whites you have always dreamed about. Unlike other products on the market with harsh chemicals that actually hurt your enamel, this company has come up with a formula that is way safer than the alternatives on the market.

The main issue I still have are with the amount of sensitivity I experienced and that my results were still limited due to my routine morning cup of coffee, weekly chocolate binge, and red wine cravings!

So I want to note that my daily habits, like many of my fellow friends reading this, do not reflect the average success rate of people who do not consume as much foods that have staining effects on your precious pearly white.

I feel that if I were to have cut back some of my favorite foods during this course of treatment, I would have seen even better results; but for this coffee, wine, and chocolate lover, that was just not realistic.

Final Thoughts

I think this product is the perfect solution to help those of us who consume these types of foods on weekly (*cough, cough, or daily!) basis, to help us to gradually cut through stain in long term.

So for me, this was no quick fix whitening system, this was a proactive and preventative measure to help restore my teeth to their natural white state in a natural way.

If you can relate to a similar struggle and are looking for a daily or weekly solution to help fight against stains, then I would highly recommend trying out Smile Brilliant.

Since this honest review is in exchange for trying out a trial the product for free, I want to share a special offer with those of you who may be interested in giving this product a try!

Exclusive Giveaway | Win a FREE whitening kit!

Here is a special giveaway for my readers to win a kit valued at $149.

For those that do not win the Giveaway, don't worry. Here is a special CODE that will get you 15% off Store Wide! Just enter it in upon checkout, and enjoy.

15% off store wide code: modfarmstyle15

Wishing you all peace, joy and baby steps to success on your whitening journeys!

Love Always,

Laine Anne

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