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Eggless Pancakes | Super Easy, Nutritious and Taste Delicious!

Updated: Dec 12, 2019

This one goes out to my autoimmune tribe who struggles with getting their healthy nutrients on a daily basis. Two of my main allergens, after being diagnosed with Hashimoto's Thyroiditis, are Egg White (Who knew I was only allergic to whites?! So random lol) and SOY.

A Brief Backstory on My Health Condition

How did I find this out? Well that is an interesting story friend. So, when I was first diagnosed through my primary MD in the spring of 2017, my Dr. assured me that not only would I have this particular Disease for life... but he also (with 100% certainty) told me that this in no way could be food related. After asking questions regarding what foods I consumed the most frequently, I could tell he was becoming more and more irritated with me. He even went as far as to lecture me on how my dietary choices would not affected my thyroids ability to function and even went as far as to tell me that I should not be trusting "the internet" or relying on information regarding my diagnosis on WebMD (which I found to be super snarky and condescending).

This just did not make sense!

Coming from a family blood line with allergens and food restrictions, I know for certain that all dietary choices have a great deal of impact on our health. So, after failing to accept his opinion on this matter, I began to research other alternative practitioners that could help me not just cover up my symptoms, but fix the root of my problem.

This is when your girl became determined to heal herself!

So fast forward over long months of research, disappointment, and depression (to be honest), I found a holistic practitioner that was about 5 miles away from my house.

The first thing she recommended me to do is a blood allergy test to rule out food allergies!

And since then my diagnosis was history. With a custom curated healing plan from my alternative health care provider, my levels have began to stabilize and my thyroid functioning went back within the normal ranges. Once removing my key allergens of Egg and Soy along with limiting other ingredients such as Gluten, processed and non-organic foods, my body has the ability to thrive without adding artificial replacement hormones to the mix!

Want to learn more about this journey? If so leave a comment below and maybe I will write a separate post with #allthedeets

Now Back to the Pancakes

This is a recipe that I fine tuned until it was perfect. Now, I am a little old school with recipes. I have to cook book. I cook from the heart, the feel, and the smell of foods lol. So with this recipe it is all going to depend on how you love you pancakes!

Ingredient Checklist:

- Organic Baking Flour

- Baking Powder

- Whole Milk

- Whole Ground Flaxseed Meal (Egg Replacer)

- Chia Seeds

- Raw Cane Sugar

- Salt

- Vanilla Extract (preference)



- Pure Maple Syrup

- Grass Fed Butter

- Wild Blueberries (WILD not regular)

Let's get started!

Since I like making extra, I start my recipe in a mason jar for easy storing in the refrigerator if there is any extra batter.

This was a small breakfast just for myself, so know that you can play around with the measurements of this recipe.

Step By Step Cooking Time

1. Get your egg replacer ready. With Bob's Red Mill Whole Ground Flaxseed Meal, use a 1:3 ratio. Mix 1 tablespoon (Tbs) of Flaxseed and 3 tablespoons of water together in a separate bowl/cup and let sit for 3-5 minutes until thick (egg like consistency). This instruction is also on the Flax packaging. This method is called a FlaxEgg and can be used in a wide variety of baking recipes! While you are at it, check this link out for all of the Flaxseed health benefits.

2. Add 1 Cup of All Purpose Organic Flour. I love Bob's Red Mills brand into mason jar.

3. Add 1/2 Tsp of Baking Powder to your mason jar. This helps to make the pancakes fluff up nicely. If you want more fluff... play around with this measurement and the amount of liquids you add into the mixture.

4. Add in a few sprinkles of Organic Chia Seeds. Add an additional source of fiber and nutrition if you are on the fiber struggle bus like myself! Look at all of the amazing benefits of this small little super food here. (Btw... I live on Dr. Axe's website. You are welcome!)

5. Add another little sprinkle of Organic Raw Cane Sugar. Can also be substituted for honey, coconut sugar, etc.

6. Add a pinch of Salt to cut the sweetness.

6. Now onto the wet ingredients. Remember that FlaxEgg we had that was just chillen from step #1? Grab that and dump it into your mason jar. You can also add in a splash of Vanilla Extract to add another layer of flavor. This of course is an add on and is based around your preference. I have also experimented with pumpkin spice, cinnamon, etc. Get creative!

7. Start with 1 Cup of Whole Milk. Mix and be sure to eyeball this and add until your mixture is thick but runny enough to pour into your sauce pan. I like my pancakes a bit more runny and thin than most people, so if you want a fluffy pancake, be conservative with your milk and make a tester pancake to get the consistency perfect.

8. Once everything is mixed together nicely, heat up your pan with some Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Add just enough batter into your pan to make a baby tester pancake, that will dive into your tummy right away. Once you get the consistency just right to your taste buds, pour a health ladle into your pan and get ready to add some blueb's!

9. Remember those Wild Blueberries I mentioned earlier? Now it's time to add those to the bottom of your pancake. Sprinkle on top of your pancake as it is in the pan. I use Wild Blueberries because my Holistic Dr. Introduced me to them. They have some amazing and powerful health benefits in comparison to normal bluebs. Check them out here!

10. Your probably getting nice and golden right about now. I realized that when cooking these type of pancakes, it takes a bit longer for the middle's to get cooked. So make sure you are a medium to low heat to let the outsides get nice and golden brown while the middles cook!

Time to Flip!

OMG YUM. Make as many as your batter will allow at what ever size your heart desires. That's the fun of making pancakes after all ;)

To top it all off, I add butter, syrup and another sprinkle of my frozen Wild Blueberries.

Time to grab that fork, mop up your drool and dig in love! With these pancakes, you will not only be indulging in a delightful treat, but you will be getting essential nutrients at the same time. Genius Right?!

I hope you enjoyed this recipe. Please log-in, comment below and let me know how they turned out for you! Share your pictures with me on Instagram via stories or in a post using #modfarmstyle for a chance to be featured on my page.

You are so Loved!


Laine Anne

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