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Our Modern Farmhouse Living Room Tour | With Progress Pics!

Updated: Dec 13, 2019

Anyone who knows Lenny and I, understands just how deep our love is for atmospheres that are a mix of modern and farmhouse style. So how did we get this unique style preferenc? Well, though we live in the city, our hearts are found in the country side.

My childhood on my Dads side, was built around the element of farm life. Acreage, gardening, flowers, fruit trees, pond fishing, forests, and most importantly our animals ranging from us owning 3 Great Danes (Carly, Champ, and Maggie), a golden retriever (Regal), 12 cats, ducks, chickens, rabbits, geese, and even sheep (Emma & Noah) at one point in time!

My husband Lenny is a textbook outdoorsy flannel wearing craftsmen. From fishing, hunting, camping, mudding, off-roading, and mountain adventures. We both LOVE to emmerse ourselves in all the beauty nature has to offer.

On the other hand, we both also truly enjoy unique and modern experiences. From the coolest restaurants across the state (we have legit been to all of them in Michigan), city adventures, fine dining, luxurious travel, supporting our favorite bosses and brands, to visiting magnolia market in Waco Texas.

We love how Chip and Jo #fixerupperstyle blend farmhouse charm with modern fixtures.

Modfarmstyle is what we use to describe our own unique home style. This in turn represents our love for farmhouse coziness, all with a luxurious and minimalist flair.

So please enjoy this little tour behind the scenes of our living room transformation as I shared certaij lives, details, and before and after pictures!

These accent chairs added an awesome level level of depth and texture to our space with their faux reptile skin texture. The art on the wall “Today’s The Day” is a catch phrase that goes deep in my husbands and I‘s relationshi. Not only is it engraved on his wedding ring, but it can be found in other areas of our home. What does it mean? It means never take a single day for granted. I hand painted these canvases and Lenny made the wood frames himself! You will notice a third piece to this set in the pictures below:

The whole saying together is “Today’s The Day, The the Lord Has Made.” If you know the rest of this scripture, it precedes to say “Rejoice and be glad in it.” This saying has so much meaning both Lenny and I and was the perfect final touch for our living room.

In addition to this wall art, there are a few other living room details includes this Magnolia Market piece: Iron frame with small glass vase at the center. Fake plant in the center from Hobby Lobby.

The brick wall below is the outside brick because this room was actually an addition to this house. The light on the wall was actually the old outdoor light! This wall was painted a dark brown color prior, which really darkened the entire space. By painting it a light off white (Kestral White by Sherwin Williams) it completely brightens the space and it now adds dimension and texture as our accent wall. It took a bagillion coats to make sure all the dark paint was covered lol!

I love mixing styles and fabrics. For example with our couch: it’s a canvas type of fabric so I wanted to add a touch of luxe with the faux fur pillows and the velvet/suede ones too!

Just before we ripped out the old carpet in our living room. Little did we know it was going to be a laborious and tedious project! And please note our gorgeous old purple couch lol.

Carpet torn out and getting ready to lay floor over baseboard!

What a transformation right?! Plush shag rug from At Home Store.

This room is one of or fabor because it not only get some the most light in our house, but we sit together as a family and enjoy early morning coffee for me and hot cocoa for Lenny.

First “camp out style” movie date in the living room on our new floor! Can you tell we are all exhausted from laying the floor 😅

The coziest space right next to our rockin red fireplace. Chairs from Joss & Main.

It still amazes us how this vision continues to come together.

The next pieces we are looking to update are adding a Mid century modern space lamp, upgrading our ottoman to a lighter color, new pillows, and new Modern ceiling fan. (And new plants of course!)

I hope you enjoyed this little peek behind the transformation process and the story behind our unique design style. The ultimate goal was to make sure that this room brought us joy eveytime we entered it. We spend the majority of our time here with our husky pup Luna and little kitty Min Min.

For my Modfarmstyle lovers, If this post resonates with you, leave me a comment below and give this post a Pin or a Share! It helps support my cozy little space on the web.

I cant wait to share other rooms with you as soon as they are finished. I will also update y’all on Instagram with and new piece additions, so make sure you follow along on there!

You are loved Friends,

Xoxo - Laine Anne

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