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Seeing Spots Vs Bookworm | A/B Test

I love to post contrasting styles and polling my audience to see which designs speak the loudest. I did this test via IG stories and would love to try this out on my blog.

  • Tell me in the comments which designs speak to who you are and your style preference?

  • Bonus points if you can describe the vibe of each of these styles.

Style A: Seeing Spots

Creative direction: Desaturated red hue mixed with earthy browns and a subtle blush tone. An editorial black and white image mixed with trendy leopard print ads depth and dimension.

Style B: Bookworm

Creative direction: Freedom, creativity, comfort with subtle hues of beige and a touch of gold. Harry potter vibes with a slight minimalist feel.

Which style do you prefer?!


Laine Napoli

The Brand Gal

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