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Hey Boss… I know why you are here.

Laine Napoli

The pin expert

You are so ready to grow your business this year but you are just sick and tired of the rat race of posting on social media with little to no results.

Trust me, I've been there! Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Twitter, YouTube.

Post pictures… no! post videos… how about trendy dances… oh and let's throw in new algorithm changes (every single month!).


You are not crazy or alone in this, keeping up with social is exhausting!

Your competitors have hundreds upon hundreds of followers, shares, and likes yet here you are with crickets, trying so hard to not compare your value to their "success".


Well let’s just be clear here Boss, vanity metrics are great and all to back your brands credibility, but you can have thousands of followers and have little to no revenue. That’s a fact. Heck, most people now a-days are paying for their people! And there is no shade in that because a boss has got to do what a boss has gotta do, BUT numbers do not always equal success in the social arena. With all this smoke and mirrors and hashtag mumbo jumbo... it can feel super inauthentic and exhausting to find YOUR PEOPLE on social media. 


So my question to you is simple. Why not just let your people find YOU?

Enter In MY Pinterest MArketing Course

Pinterest Insights.png

i did it and you 

can too!

In this course, I am presenting an avenue that is often overlooked and underrated in efforts to help market your business ORGANICALLY on Pinterest. 


But before we get to that, let’s take a moment to forget the followers, the likes, the trend hops and post flops.

From this point forward it's time to focus on YOU. Your value. Your day to day life. Your passions and the pursuit of your purpose in life. I want you all to hyper focus on these things. Capture them in the mot authentic way you can and upload them to Pinterest. 

Unlike the other platforms people go on to consume and compare… Pinterest is a place for discovery and inspiration. It always has been. So I want you to take each piece of content you have created in your entrepreneurial journey and I want you to funnel it all onto Pinterest. 


In this program I walk you through my story as an entrepreneur and share with you all the details and insights of how Pinterest has worked FOR me instead of me spending all these hours working for IT


I spent hours on this course because I am so passionate about YOU finding success as you pursue your passions in life. Never underestimate the power you bring to the table. You are valuable. This dream you are chasing is admirable. And your daily grind, struggles, successes and stories are an inspiration to ALL.


They deserve a space on the web to be FOUND. That is what I am offering to you in this course.

A plan, a process, and a strategy to get discovered. 


So I invite you to join me on this journey as we discuss how to Unleash the Power of The Pin!

It's time to invest in you!

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