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Business to Brand Bundle

Working with Alessandra and Stacey, owners of A Mindful Method, was both a privilege and an honor. Have you guys heard of the Marie Kondo Method? These girls do this for a living! Servicing both Seattle and Florida, hearing the story behind this brand gave me goosies.

Once we established A Mindful Methods foundation, we moved onto creative direction.

Stacy & Allesandra's Homework Answers for A Mindful Method:

You see Boss, branding is a sensory experience and most people treat it as mainly visual. This is where most people are wrong. Building a brand experience goes so much deeper than just looks! Because of this, I use the 5 senses as a guide to pull out an art direction for each client's brand design.

What would your branding look like?

Black and white, neutrals, pop of color: Calm. Edgy Look.

What would it sound like?

Peaceful Calming, not a care in the world, quiet. Family laughter togetherness.

What would it smell like , taste like and feel like?

Essential Oils Diffuser, nice perfume, high end fragrance or clean. High end luxe Perfume.

Mint, grape fruit, la croix. Spicy Fresh.

Crisp sunny, cool marble countertop (structure with boundaries and soft and pretty).

What would it be wearing, How does it act, Where would it hang out on the weekends?

Designer white tee shirt. Jeans, black skinny jeans, leather jacket, sun glasses, messy but put together. Lipstick. Busy, High end, Real. Down to earth. Vulnerable. Personable, cool, chill, connected, social, present, proud, influenced by her circle and leader trend setter.

Brand Board

Creative Direction Rough Sketches:

I hope you enjoyed this brief behind the scenes look to marvelous organization mavens! Give them a follow and get ready to want to re-organize your entire life ;)


Laine Napoli

The Brand Gal

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