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ASH + OAK Floral

Updated: Feb 7, 2020


Business to Brand Bundle

Business: Floral Design Company in Oakland CA.

Owner: Ashley M. Founder and Art Director

Specialty: Unique, Original, and Wild Floral Arrangements.

Mood Board

Art Direction

What would your branding look like?

Natural, dried leaves, ceramic, leafy, gray, white, ivory, black, green, Kinfolk meets Scandinavian, muted tones, wild, whimsical, edgy, moody, non traditional, brick, cement, lofty, textural.

What would it sound like?

What I would want it to sound like is walking through the meadow, cool crisp nights with howling, the ocean, the crunch of the branches and sounds of the river as you going hiking. The current sound of my studio is a record playing Billy Holiday, Pasty Cline, Bon Iver to Wild Belle. My dog making dog noises and podcast.

What would it smell like and feel like?

Seasonal flowers, Roses, Palo Santo, the sun shining through the window, coffee, soft and airy but cool, art.

What would it be wearing, How does it act, Where would it hang out on the weekends:

Wearing black skinny jeans, a long oversize sweater, wool scarf with booties and maybe a moto jacket.  Walking my dog, drinking coffee, forging in neighbors yards and at a concert. Or in overalls working on our farm or rummaging through goodwills and thrift stores to find new vases. 

Brand Board

When ending all of my Brand Discovery Sessions, I ask the Boss one last question:

How do you want your audience to feel after engaging with your brand?

Above all, Ash + Oak wants their audience and clients to feel inspired, excited, and thrilled after interacting with tier brand.

So I hope you enjoyed this behind the scenes look at the re-brand of Ash + Oak! This boss has such a free spirit. Her love and passion for florals is going to take her beyond her wildest dreams. I cannot wait to see where the future takes her business.

Make sure you brand has a foundation, values, and a story so that it stands the test of time.


Laine Napoli

The Brand Gal

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