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"Pivot... PIVOT!"

This happens all too often on the entrepreneurial journey. Like Ross and Chandler trying to move that couch up the stairs, sometimes it can be challenging to make something fit when it’s not meant to. 😭

(I love that episode so much!)

So Boss... have you ever felt off on your business journey? Like something just didn't fit?

You have spent all of your time and energy into building your business baby, but now you feel like something is just not clicking?

Maybe it’s sales? Maybe it’s consumer engagement? Maybe it’s a career choice where you are no longer finding fulfillment?

Rather than facing yourself to deal with the dreaded thought of “starting over,” let’s look at this situation from a different perspective.

Something fell out of alignment at some point along your entrepreneurial journey and Boss, I am here to tell you that is ok. Instead of starting back at square one, let’s try to figure out which area of your brand needs a slight adjustment.

To solve this problem, we need to dig in, dive deep, and do some serious soul searching.

To be blunt, the problem is not your brand... it’s you.

OUCH... that stung a little, but don’t worry 😉 We need to recognize the problem in order to fix it.

So let’s go back to “you”.

Instead of starting back at the beginning, let's start with here and now.

Answer these questions in as much detail as possible in effort to get you back on track:

1.) What is your unique story as a Boss?

2.) How did you get here? And by here I mean in this current season of life.

3.) What problem are you trying to fix in the world?

4.) Who will directly benefit? Who are you trying to help? Describe them in detail! Their likes, hobbies, age, season of life, etc. (Draw a stick figure if you have to, seriously this all helps!)

5.) How are you currently, or how do you plan to share your story with that audience?

6.) Is your story relatable? Is it relevant? Is it vulnerable? Is it going to help someone?

You see our lives and our struggles are our own personal testimonies. So often, people try to hide the struggle and showcase the social media highlight reel. The smoke an mirrors of life more often than not take center stage. I find so much flaw in this way of projecting our identities.

What this world needs is the REAL YOU. Not the picture perfect, fully ready version.

What I know for certain is that some of our greatest struggles in life bring us into the most beautiful seasons of growth.

No one is perfect. We all have problems. What I know for certain is that some of our greatest struggles in life bring us into the most beautiful seasons of growth. All we need to do is push through the hard and not so pretty in order to gain understanding which in turn allows us all to grow wiser throughout our experiences.

THIS is why I always say falling doesn't mean failing.

You see it’s the opposite and it's the most beautiful thing!

Even the most pure and innocent little baby nuggets have to fall and stumble before they can walk. Before they can run. And all the while parents capture and cherish these little stumbles and struggles... why? Because they see the beauty of progress. It’s called GROWTH.

Falling doesn't mean Failing.

It’s beautiful, miraculous, and so often can be missed or rushed. Right?

My advice is to apply the beauty of your journey, your story, and share it with people you were created to help.

Don't start over, just pivot. Get back on track and get back into alignment. It's time to re-evaluate your journey. Open up that map and take a good hard look at where you want your adventure to take you and why.

A fellow boss babe reached out regarding this topic and asked a few questions that I think could benefit all entrepreneurs on their individual journeys.


1. How do you take all of your ideas and create it into a plan of action?

During every phase of brand building, the potential to become overwhelmed is always present. I highly recommend that when you are sorting through all of the beautiful and magnificent ideas that pop into your head, train yourself to write them all down. Once you have a nice lengthy list, turn to your community to brainstorm, expand upon ideas, and prioritize these goals so that you can begin the process of achieving them.

Who is your community? The people who love and support you the most. The people you can directly relate to. Turn to people who get you and won’t just agree with everything you say. During this phase of growth, sometimes it takes some honest tough love to help bring the best ideas to the forefront, while weeding out the flops.

Find your online community. Find fellow bosses within your industry who will cheer you on. When you face some hard questions during your adventure, these people will just GET IT. They have either been where you are or are just starting out too. They will be there through the happy times and the not so pretty ones too.

I can’t stress enough to find your peeps!

2. How do you know what’s your next step to grow your brand and vision?

You can wait forever and never be ready.

There are so many people who use waiting until they are ready as an excuse to delay the scary idea of diving face first into the deep end.


I mean use common sense, get into your swim suit, bring a towel, check the depth... look for rocks, etc. but once you evaluate the situation -- JUMP.

When I look back at my own personal journey, I cringe at the dated look and feel of just starting out in business. I always war with myself if I should delete everything lol, but I leave it there to know how far I have come and how much I have grown.

Even a baby doesn’t know how to grow unless it is born... right?

Pop that sucker out!

Honestly, I find that the best way to start and grow your brand is to just dive in and learn to swim.

So my answer to this question is to jump in with your big idea. Use the common sense of making sure you establish your brands foundation (what you intend to grow upon), your mission, vision, and values. The business basics.

Then discover your center. Know your core. The heartbeat behind your brand.

Know what you stand for and know your why.

If you have a basic understanding of all the above, then take that leap and dive in Boss!

Everything that follows the jump:

Find the art of jumping. Hone in on and refine your craft. Style your brand baby.

Get your logo, website, copy, social media handles, print collateral, and make sure everything is consistent across all mediums.

Time to G R O W

Or as I like to call it - failing forward.

Get kicked down, get back up, and repeat.

Share and document your seasons of growth and never stop being vulnerable.

With these tools Boss, you will set yourself up for success and you will be just fine.

I hope these thoughts and this advice based on my past experiences, helps all of you on your individual journeys.

Please comment below and share your thoughts and let me know if you have any more questions.

You are so loved!

Xo - Laine Napoli

The Brand Gal

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