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Why NOW is the time to invest into the Stock Market

M1 Finance

It’s easier than you think Boss. Learn how I make $$ in my sleep by investing a cup of coffee a week.

Hey Boss! In this post today, I want to share you in on how and when I decided to start investing my profits back into the stock market. I will be sharing my experience along with some tips and tricks on how to get started.


It was in the heart of COVID-19 when the stock market took a drastic hit. For someone who knows very little about this market sector, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to start investing some profits back into some of my favorite businesses.

Here is a little glimpse of my portfolio to date. I will be explaining more about this below!

I have been wanting to start investing into stock a few years ago when I first became intrigued by the market. When I would start my workdays early, I would find myself watching CNBC like a hawk. I would get so excited when the opening bell would ring and I would get to hear the ups and downs, while listening to the daily news in the market. I wanted so badly to jump in headfirst, but I honestly felt like I didn’t know enough to get started.

Like many people, I was overwhelmed and intimidated when it came to learning how the stock market works. How do I buy in? When do I buy in? How do trades work? Gains vs Losses... Long term vs short term investments and the levels of risk involved. Everything was a foreign concept to me, but I was determined to understand how everything worked! So as my curiosity continued to peek, (like everything else) I turned to Google and started to do my own research. It was then when I stumbled across an app called M1 finance.

It seemed too good to be true, but it turned out to be a super easy (and not scary!) avenue to buying and selling stock. BOOM 💥 This was when I decided it was time to take the leap into the stock market.

To limit pressure, risk, and overwhelm, I decided to treat it as I would my weekly treat from Starbucks. The same amount I would usually spend on coffee (maybe 2 specialty drinks a week) I would commit to investing into the stock market.

I committed to investing just $10 a week into my portfolio (shown above) and just look how much a small amount can pay off in just a few months.

So my advice to you Boss, is to do some digging. Familiarize yourself with the stock market. Look up and try to understand some of the basic lingo and check out this app if you are interested in starting an investment account.


Now I am no pro by any means, but with countless hours glued to CNBC and with doing my own research, I landed on a few

of the following companies:

  1. Paypal

  2. Visa

  3. Facebook

  4. American Airlines

My goal was also to invest into companies I am personally interested in and use, in addition to more strategic investments.


When COVID hit, I realized that more and more people would be resorting to online shopping and purchases... THIS lead me to buy stock in both PayPal and Visa.

In this case, my gut feeling payed off. Just look at my gains and returns on PAYPAL!

Additionally, when the airline industry stocks took a HUGE hit, that was the perfect opportunity to buy in at a low price. So, I invested into shares of American Airlines stock. Now, people are starting to book flights again and traveling so the gains are steadily increasing. I tell you all of this because its a great way to help support corporations you can stand behind while creating the opportunity to make some cash in your sleep!

So Boss, I encourage you to check out this app via the link below.

This is in no way sponsored, but it is my personal referral link. I truly enjoy what this application has to offer.

Always remember that investing into anything is always weighed by risk vs reward. There will always be risk so make sure you feel comfortable about the money you are investing vs the risk you are taking in the market.

Feel free to shoot me a PM, DM, or comment below if you have any questions!

It’s never too late to start! I hope

you gained inspiration from this post.

Happy Investing Boss!

Your Brand Gal,

Laine Napoli

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