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What is YOUR Definition of Success?

Updated: May 30, 2020

This last year has been tough Boss. I’m going to be completely real with you... Before I found out I was expecting, I found myself wrestling with the future growth of my business.

I began to reflect on where we began vs where we are headed. With so much pressure in our society to grow BIG and grow FAST... I found myself very conflicted.

My business had come to a fork in the road:




Let's Rewind

In 2014-2015, out of college I got an internship at a local advertising agency. In the beginning I was star struck. With an array of clients ranging from Chrysler, ADT, Minute Maid, Smithfield, etc; I was ecstatic to help these corporations with their marketing. My position was Art Buying Intern and I purchased and managed the Art that was licensed for all the ad placements.

Long story short, I loved working for this company... BUT, what I hated the most was how impersonal the process was.

What I realized early on is that the bigger a business becomes, the more strategic and bottom line centered they tend to become.

the bigger a business becomes, the more strategic and bottom line centered they tend to become

More Money, Less Heart seemed to be the trend I was noticing.

Time for a change.

It was in this moment where I realized that my heart was no longer being fulfilled in the company I was working for. That was when I decided to take a shift and take a chance on my dream job... My very own marketing studio that specialized in the small guys. The local mom and pop shops I was already obsessed with.

That’s when The Concept, the seedling of Branding Addicts was born. When I was still working at this agency, I would have staff members come up to me and ask for help on their own passion projects and side hustles. Even in that season I was helping “in the closet entrepreneurs” grow their dreams and aspirations.

This is what made my heart leap! This is what brought me true JOY.

Collaborating with people who had big dreams and even bigger aspirations in life. Once I realized that I was made for something way more than what I was currently doing, it became so clear to me on the decision I needed to make.

It was time to leave that chapter, and start a new one.

Maybe you are me 5 years ago friend?

Maybe your still working your 9-5 (dying a little inside) while that vague concept of dream continues to burn inside your heart? If that’s the case I want you to comment below this post and tell me! Drop your social handle so that I can follow you and help encourage you on your growth journey.

Fast Forward

Fast forward to 2019, with the decision to scale or stay small. The thought crossed my mind MANY times. I feel like there is this constant demand to scale a business in order to consider yourself a “true SUCCESS.”

Well to that my friend I say - BOLOGNA 🔥👏🏼


Success is SUBJECTIVE.

We each have our own definition and perception of what ”success” is to each of us.

To some Success means:

  • Financial Gain

  • Rapid Expansion

  • Market Domination

  • International Recognition

  • Award Winner

  • Work-a-holic

to others it may mean:

  • Flexibility

  • Financial Stability

  • Emotional Gratification

  • Impact Driven

  • Work Life Balance

What does success mean to you?

To me, I had to discover my own definition of what made ME feel successful.

For me financial stability was one reason, but what means the most is the quality of my time spent.

To me, life is so short and the ability and “blessing” of running your own business allows you to control how your time and energy is spent.

For me running my own business means molding my client’s, tasks and commitments to fit my lifestyle.

My people, my priorities, my family, my passions.

To me, a life with time well spent, is the ultimate success!

Which as what ultimately affected the decision I have made to stay small and sustainable in my business.


This is what inspired my mentality shift that small can still be mighty.

Staying small means sustainability. Staying small means focusing on the “one” over the many.

The quality over the quantity.

So if you have been experiencing a similar struggle boss, I encourage you to ask yourself the following questions:

1. What is my own definition of SUCCESS?

2. What means the most to me in life?

3. How do I best prioritize and value my time?

I hope the honesty of this post helps you figure out a way to navigate this current season of growth in your business in efforts to make the BEST decision moving forward.

For all my small and mighty business hustlers, keep on keepin on. Keep going with your gut and keep chasing your own definition of success!

I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below. Have you decided to stay small? or Go BIG?

You are so loved Boss!


Laine Napoli

The Brand Gal

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