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Planthropie | Hot NEW dessert & cheese bar | Birmingham Michigan

Since this preggo Boss has been stuck at her computer throughout the month, my sweet husband recommended we schedule a well needed date night (for my sanities sake of course!) Lenny and I are huge foodies and love to experience the best restaurants in town. He came to me one night and said he had a specific spot he wanted to take me to and he wanted it to be a surprise 😂 so I was ALL IN!

He drove me through down town Birmingham and parked in front of this little shop called “Planthropie.” I immediately recognized the name!

You see I have been following both @planthropie and the owner Rua for quite some time now! Way before she decided to take the leap and open up her own store. I was familiar with her unique vegan creations and her journey into entrepreneurship... SO when I found out she was officially open for business, I was ecstatic to go show this local Boss Lady some serious support!


Not only is this place a vegans DREAM, but it will delight even the most picky, “normal” eaters. From the cakes, fudge, cheeses, and (one of our favorites) the Mac n cheese, there is a little something for everyone’s tastebuds.

I cannot tell you enough how stunning this space is. Upon walking in, you are captivated by this crisp, clean, bright interior with the most beautiful decor touches. For me personally, the fresh flowers on the tables truly made such an impression, mind you that’s just Got hat grabs your attention when you walk in!

Once you get to the bar area, you are greeted with a warm smile and immediately the barista gives you a quick and thorough run down of what this place is all about.

We were given a menu breakdown and were so intrigued by the concept behind this restaurant. So naturally, we tried almost everything (definitely blaming my pregnant little belly swaying that decision 😂)


Not only did we try an assortment of vegan cheeses, cakes, and the mac n cheese, we also tried a few mock-tails. Lenny tried the Rose and I had the crisp White. BOTH were delicious and were great compliments to the dishes we ordered.

Vegan Mac n Cheese
The BEST vegan Mac n Cheese

Vegan Desserts
Planthropie Birmingham Michigan


Apart from the amazing atmosphere, food, and service, my favorite part of this day was being able to talk with the Beautiful owner, Rua and her sweet mother who was there.

Hearing their excitement and passion over the launch of this business made every single dollar spent truly worth it. They spoiled us with their time and their kindness and because of the heart behind this brand, I will be telling everyone I know to go check out and support this local gem of a business.

Whether it’s a date night or a girls night out, GO check out Planthropie in Birmingham Michigan friend, you will not be disappointed.

Tastes like a REAL cheesecake!


“The world‘s first plant-based dessert & cheese bar”

“re-define the art of indulgence“


If these words mean something to you, than this space was MADE for you.

Go check it out! I cannot wait until Those sweet summer evenings where I know we will be stopping in for some cheesecake!



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