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Rachel Veltri Photo | Custom Squarespace Site Design

Where to begin with this amazing Boss babe?! When Rachel’s inquiry landed in my inbox, I was beyond excited. Prior to writing my reply, I stalked her social media accounts and instantly fell in love, not only with her personality, but the passion she has for her photography business.

There are so many photographers out there, but there are few who do photography well.

When browsing through Rachel’s portfolio collection, I realized how talented she was by the way in which she captured moments.

Not only was her photography and edit style stunning, but the way she captures the emotions within those moments was her true super power!

I INSTANTLY knew that I wanted to get to know her personal story and journey as an entrepreneur. After a few emails back and forth, we booked her Discovery Session and the rest was history.

I PREACH within the branding industry that brand designers are in no way, shape, or form “one size fits all.” When looking to hire a company or an individual to bring your brand design vision to life, I highly recommend shopping around until you find that single person who GETS YOU, and understands your business.

After our discovery session, Rachel and I instantly clicked and I could literally see the design vision and goals she was looking to achieve for the upcoming year. From her love of people, her free spirit, beautiful personality and the experience she wanted to provide for her future clients, I knew her site design had to be something truly special. So I got to WORK!

Inspired by Rachel’s story, I began creating. At the end of our project together, we came up with something completely custom, unique, and tailored exactly to her artistic expression and brand style. From the aesthetic, vibe, and even the custom hand illustrated doodles filled with personality, Rachel’s site was strategically crafted with love, from scratch!

Don‘t get me wrong, I love a fresh, crisp, unique site design more than anyone, but working hand-in-hand with Rachel to bring her vision to life was the true prize.

So enough of my rambling! If you vibe with this design style, please give this special BOSS photographer a follow over at @rachelveltriphoto on the gram and check out her amazing site here:

You are so loved Boss!

Get in touch if you are looking to take your brand experience to the next level this year!


Laine Napoli | The Brand Gal

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