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Weekend Doodles | Rachel Hollis Custom Illustration

Updated: Jun 21, 2020

Guess WHO! Today's Portrait Illustration goes out to one of my all time favorite inspirational speakers, Mrs. Rachel Hollis. As I was surfing Pinterest for a new client project, this Gorgeous Boss popped up in my scroll. There was something special about this portrait and BOOM, just like that, I became inspired to create something fun.

A few reasons this pretty lady inspires me:

  • She is feisty.

  • Her faith is fierce.

  • Her heart is on fire

and most importantly her pure love for people is contagious.

Her grit, determination, and REALNESS is what consistently draws me to support and follow her passions in life. Have not heard of her? Then PLEASE open your browser and look her up:


It's funny how something as small as one of these projects, can bring a whole new level of zeal when focusing my creativity across my other client projects. Sometimes, if I am being completely honest, creativity can be sparse and when you do Branding for a living, you need to be able to conjure those creative juices at any moment. My secret is to never stop creating purely for myself. Not because I am getting paid to do it, but because it truly makes my heart race! I believe this is very important especially in the realm of graphic designer. Consistently showing up even in your spare time, to further educate and challenge your boundaries. So on that note, here is a quick little time-lapse behind the making of this gorgeous photo for Rachel. Also, Rachel... girl.... if you ever see this, PLEASE do not hesitate to reach out and I will send you over the vector file!

Get out there boss and create something straight from your heart, purely for yourself!

Wishing you all a wonderful, safe, and healthy work week.

Stay Inspired Boss


Laine Napoli

The Brand Gal

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