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Why I kissed Corporate America Goodbye!

If y'all haven't noticed yet, I am a super spunky, slightly feisty, and chill creative. I am almost like a walking conundrum. How can you be feisty and chill at the same time, one might ask. I'm not quite sure, but it comes natural with my quirky, gritty, savvy personality. In fact, it may have been just the thing that brought me to so many wonderful opportunities with creative makers and shakers across the globe!

I have always balanced the line of serial entrepreneurship. Since starting Branding Addicts back in 2015, I have scaled my business by working internationally with business owners across the globe! From Photographers in LA to Event Planners in London, to Product Launches in Switzerland, the internet has become a space of limitless opportunities!

But reaching this point on my entrepreneurial journey has not been easy. Prior to this business venture I was lost, confused, and desperately searching for where I belonged in the world. I was searching for my purpose in life. This search lead me through corporate America as an Art Buyer Intern, where I learned exactly what I didn't want to do! I had the opportunity to work with some big name brands (Chrysler, ADT, MinuteMaid, Smithfield, etc) and what I hated the most was how impersonal the creative process was when dealing with corporations.

"Sometimes you cannot discover what you like until you first find what you dislike."

This pushed me towards small business owners. I actually had a coworker (a wonderful middle ages soul) who would come talk to me almost everyday at that job. She would spill her heart out about her hopes, dreams, and a business idea she had put off for far too long. I would spend hours chatting with her on startup strategies, marketing ideas, the works. Little did I know how subliminal my brand therapy skills were even back then! I adored our conversations and just knew when my shift would end that this area is something I want to pursue. The dreams, innovative ideas, and passion of creative entrepreneurs.

I KNEW, deep in my core, that I was created to help these types of people pursue their calling. So just like that.

I resigned!

In the middle of my self discovery period, I wore many job hats in the following industries: wedding photographer, event coordinator, social media manager, web designer, admin, videography, floral design, etc. Even throughout each of these experiences, I would always find myself right back in the area of strategic marketing development! Which all pointed me in the same marketing/design direction. Then BOOM 2015 hits and I started Branding Addicts, registered my LLC, and never looked back!

Let me tell you, the things I have learned you guys! The stories I have had the honor of hearing. It has been a crazy rollercoaster ride over the years, especially surviving the pandemic of 2019-2021.

But the biggest thing I have realized is the the heart of the entrepreneur is resilient. The pursuit of passion and purpose is just as strong today as it was years ago.

My biggest realization after working with over 400+ businesses is that to make that passion into a business entity that will fulfill your purpose (your calling in life), it needs to be hyper focused on serving it's people. What is a business if it's not about the people? If it’s about the money, then that is when things begin to lack in luster and quality.

Here at Branding Addicts, I have created a small business that is centered around it's people. YOU. The creative bosses that dream big and sometimes FAIL bigger (LOL) but even in our failures and struggles we discover a value that can be used to help serve others.

The strongest Brand Identities I have witnessed have set themselves apart by building a foundation upon their passion, their purpose in life, and how they can best serve their people!

I hope every single one of you realize that you were created for a divine purpose to pursue that calling God planted deep in your soul. That idea keeps popping in your head for a reason. Keep believing in yourself, your abilities, and please reach out if you are ever in need of community or help in business!

This was just the tip of the iceberg in regards to my story. There will definitely be a part #2 with even more ramblings so stay tuned loves!

You are so Loved Boss!

ox - Laine | The Brand Gal

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